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Existence precedes essence.

During the high school years, I once kept a diary, sort of artsy lifestyle possessed by the petty bourgeoisie. And this experience told me the truth that writing is really time consuming, especially when you are making ‘sentimental twaddle’ on trivial things in daily life.

Time flies. I haven’t been keeping that habit for a long time and I will be 23 this month. As every young man in his 20s, I feel at a loss from time to time. Looking back on the past few years, seemingly I have gone through a lot of things and met up with a lot of people, but future still remains uncertain.

Some people of this era are distressed and tend to explore the meaning of their existence. That is why I am quoting the words of Jean-Paul Sartre at the beginning of this post. It tells that life could be meaningless according to my understanding, unless you create yourself a meaning.

But I cannot say that I am an existentialist. Existentialist should be fearless, like Nietzsche, who asserted that ‘God is dead’. I am just following the guidance of these great philosophers to add something that I believe is meaningful to my life.

Thus, I decided to build this place and record something of myself, which generally includes:

  • Something about my study (algorithms, programming, projects I am doing, etc.)
  • Something about my hobby (traveling, cycling, reading, photographing, etc.)
  • And more possibilities…

It is lucky for me to live in this digital age, such that I can easily build up this small website on my own using Github Pages as blogging platform and Hexo as framework. I also would like to express my thanks to fi3ework who designed this beautiful theme archer that I am using.

Anyhow, this is the very first post of my blog. Wish myself happy blogging :)